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Ron Hextall reportedly offered the Penguins general manager job

It’s looking like the next Penguin GM could be an old foe

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2018 NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7 Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Momentum for the Penguins search in finding their next general manager has reached a new gear as of Tuesday morning. We knew that Ron Hextall was deep in the mix after recently getting a second interview with the Pens. Now, it’s looking like the job is his if he wants it and we might hear more as soon as today.

Hextall is most well-known for his time as a player with the Flyers way in the past, and most recently as Philadelphia’s general manager from 2014-18. As Sean Gentille said pretty perfectly in The Athletic:

One of the ironies in play with Hextall — one of the fieriest goaltenders in NHL history (ask Robbie Brown) was too risk-averse to last as Flyers GM. There’s reason to believe he’ll amend that, if and when he gets another job.

Hextall has spent time with the Kings in a managerial role, where he currently is an advisor.

An offer doesn’t always mean an acceptance is certain to follow, but certainly in the last 12 or so hours the Pens and Hextall have picked up a lot of momentum and seem to be coming together and finding significant interest in one another.