2021 Pensburgh Fantasy Leagues - the Winners!

So another Fantasy League season has ended and congrats to all who took part in what was a difficult season. But we made it all through!

PENSBURGH 2021 league

So the final was contested between Tony and Jay's teams (FriskyClaude&Friends and Lange's Legends) who had finished 1st and 2nd overall in the league respectively. Tony continued his dominance, taking the final 481 - 371. What can you do when Martinez gets a 60 point week??

The 3/4th place battle was between myself, pulling off a mini upset to battle up from finishing 5th overall, but I was beaten 464 - 435 by JP (Vlasic Bickells). A close week, where having spent time dropping players for the Sunday games, on Saturday I remembered the Sunday games didn't count. So congrats to JP for his 3rd place and a good 4th place for me. I wonder what might have been if I'd remembered my own draft!

I'll send out the requests to confirm payment of the winnings via LeagueSafe - thanks to you all for an easy experience as commissioner this year!


In a year where Moldova went undefeated across the season, he went all the way through the finals undefeated to beat me 531-420. Sigh. It wasn't really close, but I tried - even Connor McDavid's 90 point week couldn't save me as Moldova's team were just much more consistent points getters.

Ky's GoldenBlackers beat out HI's team for 3rd place by 279 - 235.

Congrats to all! We'll probably do it all again next year (if not me, I'm sure someone else will be willing to take it on) so look out for announcements in the run up to the new season. Now let's just get back to hoping for similar success from the Pens in real hockey

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