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A precocious Sidney Crosby as an actual kid video makes the rounds

Sid back when he was a Kid..

Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Islanders - Game Six Photo by Mike Stobe/NHLI via Getty Images

A Sidney Crosby piece from January 2002 (almost 20 years ago!!!!) shows just how far Sid has come over the years, but how he’s always really been the same old person all along. And you know the dryer makes an appearance..

According to elite prospects, in this season of AAA Midget hockey Crosby scored 193 points (95 goals + 98 assists) in 74 games. Pretty decent. Plus added on 24 points (11G+13A) in seven playoff games. How did they only play seven playoff games with Crosby averaging 3+ points a night? After this season, Crosby would leave home for Minnesota to play prep hockey at Shattuck St. Mary’s the following year, and then the season after that Sid would go to play Major Junior hockey in Rimouski as his career really went to the next level.

Pretty wild stuff, and crazy to think as young and baby-faced as Crosby is in this video, he’s only three years and change away from playing in the NHL, where he would crack 100 points in the world’s best league at 18 years old.

Through it all, even at 14, you can see Crosby’s maturity and how he’s already a pro at fielding interview questions and already perfecting his style. There’s something cool at the end of this video where the boy talks about the joy about playing the sport for money, with happiness on his face. If only he knew he would go onto make more money than anyone else who has ever played the sport!