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Sidney Crosby named “most complete” player by his peers

Fun with the NHL’s player poll!

Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Islanders - Game Six Photo by Mike Stobe/NHLI via Getty Images

Sidney Crosby got some love from his fellow players in the recently released annual NHLPA players poll.

It’s no big surprise that Crosby does well on this list, he was voted as a finalist for the Ted Lindsay Award, the player’s vote on their MVP. Other finalists were Connor McDavid (the league’s leading point scorer, by a mile) and Auston Matthews (the league’s leading goal scorer, by a mile) and both are significantly younger than Crosby. But his peers still put him up against those guys, even at the ripe age of 33 with his all-around game.

Crosby also got about 4% on best passer (seems low, IMO) and Kris Letang got some love for most fashionable, finishing fifth.

Crosby also was a runaway winner of “most superstitious”, which...yeah, his routines and habits are legendary.

Some other interesting items — players like playing baseball-style series of seeing the same opponent in a row, but also are looking forward to going back to playing a variety of teams.

I think that goes for the rest of us too, we definitely got our fill of seeing the same teams over and over again, the repetition of opponent got to be a little much.

Some other fun questions and answers in the poll and it’s always interesting to see what the actual players think about each other and who stands out around the league as far as reputations go.