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PensBurgh Community Member Survey

Your chance to give some feedback

Pittsburgh Penguins v Winnipeg Jets

Weekend request for you, dear reader. Yes, you! (Even the 98% that never comment or aren’t signed up and don’t have any log-in, don’t stop reading now, you count too!)

I got an ask from above that I’m passing on, to help shape and guide this website. They are looking to get feedback about community experience and they want me to share an engagement survey to, as they put it:

learn more about community members’ motivations, behaviors, and needs when it comes to reading and commenting.

It’s not a very long survey and it asks a lot of the basic questions you could guess: demographic stuff, your experience, which site(s) you frequent (plz say PensBurgh) and how engaged you are as a community member.

To cap it off, at the end if you’re feeling up to it you can opt in to potentially being contacted for a compensated interview.

Survey link

I’m not involved with the team that receives or reviews any of the information and don’t have any pull for anything, just a humble middle man passing on the message.

They also promise:

We won’t store personally identifying information long-term, and only the product team at Vox Media will be reviewing the info received.”

So please help me (and us) out with a strong response to show the people above and around what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling about your hockey internet habits.

Thank you!