Assorted 87 highlights

Thought about doing 87 of these lol. I thought I could get to 34 in honor of The Next One's new age, but anyway here's what I got:

1/7/06: 87 goons it up, with 8 penalty mins in a 4-3 loss to the Thrashers (pour one out for them).

1/15/06: 87 has the 1st of 9 career 9-shot games in a 5-4 loss to the Preds. Typical weird Sid numerology, also falls in line with the no 4-goal games thing that he's never had double digit shots.

10/28/06: 87 posts the 1st of 11 (regular szn) career hat tricks in an 8-2 mauling of the Flyers

12/13/06: 87 goes off for 6 points in an 8-4 rout of the Flyers, only the 2nd time in his career he'd do so.

11/29/08: 87 has his 2nd career hat trick and 1st at home in a 4-1 win over the Devils.

1/3/09: 87 spends 11 mins in the sin-bin in a 6-1 humbling by the Panthers, his most ever. 3 minors and a major

4/4/09: 87 goes full meathead mode with a 5-block performance in a 3-2 loss to the Canes. Don't ask why he's blocking that many shots literally right before the playoffs start.

4/25/09: 87 racks up a career high 1.79 xG, and has 2 real-life goals, in the infamous Max Talbot shhh game as the Pens close out the Flyers in 6, 5-3.

5/4/09: 87 puts the team on his back against the Caps in game 2, with the 1st of 3 career playoff hat tricks. But it's still not enough as the Pens fall 4-3 to fall in the 2-0 hole they'd eventually erase.

11/28/09: 87 puts up a hat trick to go with 2 primary assists in a 8-3 drubbing of the Rangers. It's his only career game with 5 primary points.

1/3/10 (consecutive January 3rds! (against the same team!!)): 87 attempts 15 shots in a 6-2 loss to the Panthers, his career high.

1/19/10: 87 has the other 6-point game, scoring twice with 4 apples in a 6-4 win over the Isles (yep, 87 had a hand in all 6 goals).

11/5/10: 87 kicks off the legendary 25-game point streak in a 3-2 loss to the Ducks. The streak started less than a week after Halloween, and it was a game away from breaking into the new year :0

11/15/10: 87 logs 29:45, his most regular season TOI ever in a 3-2 OT loss to the Rangers.

General 2010-11 note: 87 had points in 35 of 41 games, an 85% clip. McDavid played a few more games this year but that bests his 80% mark.

4/26/14: 87 unleashes 11 unblocked shot attempts in a 3-1 W in game 5 against the Jackets, his playoff career high and tying his regular season best. Pens would close it out in Columbus 2 days later.

5/16/16: 87 finally slays the white whale: the elusive playoff OT goal, in a 3-2 W over the Bolts to knot the series up 1-1.

5/16/16 (that's right, the same game): 87 takes it upon himself to dish the pain, launching 5 hits, his most ever in a playoff game. A fun little nugget that obviously got swept under the rug, given how 87 ended the evening.

3/31/18: 87 goes 22-2 on faceoffs in a 5-2 W over the Habs. The +20 is his best ever (not bad for a 30-year old at the time).

4/11/18: 87 has his most "efficient" hat trick, getting it done in just 16:13 in a 7-0 evisceration of the Flyers.

*side note: love that 87's best xG game & fastest hat trick are both in the playoffs...and both against Philly :)

2/21/19: 87 goes full puck-hawk with 5 takeaways in a 4-0 blanking by the Sharks.

*One last note on the point streaks: 87 highest ever multi-point streak is 5, which he's done...5 times. Would've expected nothing less from our king.

Hope you enjoy. I pretty much made this exclusively using Evolving Wild's game logs, so it's entirely possible I could've missed the forest for the trees somewhere. Also kept it to statistical milestones (i.e., didn't have Sid's 2011 comeback from the concussion against the Isles, illustrious as it was). Feel free to comment on anything I might've missed, and of course just general thoughts on the GOAT of our generation.

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