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WATCH: Jason Zucker pays homage to Jaromir Jagr with salute after early goal vs. Sabres

The goal came as the Pens were wearing the Reverse Retro throwbacks to Jagr’s time with the team.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images

When Jason Zucker scored an early opening goal against the Buffalo Sabres, he did so wearing a uniform that took Penguins fans back down memory lane to the 1990’s.

The Pens were sporting their Retro Reverse throwbacks featuring the infamous ‘RoboPenguin.’

But that’s not what caught everyone’s attention on Wednesday night.

Zucker scored a pretty one-timer goal and added in the famous salute celebration that Jaromir Jagr was so well known for.

Did Jason Zucker become a Pittsburgh folk hero forever for the salute? It’s certainly possible!

The Pens are set to wear these Reverse Retro uniforms seven more times this season. Let’s all just commit to hoping that every Pens player does the Jagr salute after every goal while wearing these throwbacks. It would be the type of hilarious and fun energy we all need in our lives. We can all agree on that, right?