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Penguins unveil Winter Classic jersey

The new duds are out for the Pens’ game at Fenway Parrk

The NHL’s 2023 Winter Classic is just over a month away, where the Penguins will compete in this year’s edition in their ownership’s baseball stadium at Fenway Park against the Bruins. The Boston jersey (all hail the ‘meth bear’!) was released earlier in the week and today the Pens have unveiled their special jersey for the special game.

From the team:

The Penguins’ NHL Winter Classic uniform is inspired by Pittsburgh’s original NHL franchise, the 1925 Pittsburgh Pirates. The ‘P’ crest stands equally for Pittsburgh and Penguins and is inspired by the city’s rich professional sports history. Its form is borrowed from the original Pirates sweater. The sweater has a Vintage White base with black and touches of gold.

The front crest and player name and number embellishments are constructed in double layer vintage felt. Adidas added extra special top stitch detailing meant to evoke the truss construction of Pittsburgh’s bridges. The blue and white checkerboard pattern on the inside back neck is a reference to William Pitt and city of Pittsburgh.

PensGear pre-sale starts today and goes until jerseys are available for purchase on Dec. 1. Fans interested in participating in the pre-sale can visit here.

What do we think? It’s a nice nod to the very early days of pro hockey in Pittsburgh, and the extra detail on the logo about the bridges is a super cool touch. This is just a one-time jersey and it should look perfect as the “classic” sort of look that the NHL is going for here and will fit right in for the history-rich atmosphere of Fenway Park. With that in mind, PensBurgh will give this design 7.5 Crosby no-look backhand passes out of 10 on the official jersey rating scale.