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Celebrating Sidney Crosby’s 500th goal

A look at what makes Crosby special

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After Sidney Crosby’s milestone 500th goal, his old pal Mike Rupp talked about what makes Sid so special in a video you definitely shouldn’t miss.

It’s been a special week of Crosby celebrations after the big goal, looking back on all the history he has made in his career, with still the promise of more to come in the future. It’s always nice to look back and enjoy what we are in the midst of in such a special run for Crosby and the Penguins over these past 17 seasons.

With Crosby’s milestone goal our friends at Breaking T have a new shirt for the occasion that has your name all over.

They’ve got a lot of new NHLPA licensed merchandise to check out too. Get a hoodie for the late winter or a tee-shirt for the spring. As they say, it costs nothing to look so go on and check it out!