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Pens Points: All-Star Victors

Guentzel and Jarry help lead Metro to All-Star glory. Everything from Vegas and much more in today’s Pens Points.

2022 NHL All-Star Skills Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

It was a big weekend for the Pittsburgh Penguins duo of Jake Guentzel and Tristan Jarry who hopped on a plane to Las Vegas and represented the team in the NHL All-Star Game. Each took part in the Skills Competition on Saturday night and played a role in the Metro division winning the whole shebang on Saturday afternoon. [Pensburgh]

Monday morning calls for a helping of Pens Points...

It’s still another day until the Penguins return to action and with everyone on break, there is no better time for a standings update. Even with the four game losing streak, the Penguins remain comfortably in playoff position with 36 games left. [Pensburgh]

Evgeni Malkin has points in nine straight games, the 11th such time he has reached such a streak in his illustrious career. That is the fourth highest total in franchise history, trailing Mario Lemieux, Sidney Crosby, and Jaromir Jagr. [Pensburgh]

When the Penguins were winning as they were before the losing streak, everything was firing on all cylinders. Now in a rut, one area that has been slipping is the offensive production numbers from their blue liners. [Pensburgh]

Once a Top 10 draft pick, Alex Nylander struggled to find his footing with the Chicago Blackhawks and Buffalo Sabres. Now with the Penguins, Nylander is lighting it up in the AHL and using the change of scenery to his advantage. [Trib Live]

It’s hard to believe, but Brian Burke and Ron Hextall have been with the Penguins a year now. When they arrived, the future of the organization was up in the air, but now, they both believe the future is as bright as ever in Pittsburgh. [Trib Live]

Moving on from Tristan Jarry this past offseason could have been very easy for the Penguins after his playoff debacle. Instead, the Penguins stuck with Jarry and Ron Hextall gave him his seal of approval. A decision that has paid off. [theScore]

News and notes from around the NHL...

If you listen to the Pensburgh Podcast, you will have heard us discuss bringing back the World Cup of Hockey in lieu of sending players to the Olympics. Well perhaps we manifested this because reports state the NHL wants to bring it back. [NHL]

Putting the All-Star Game in Las Vegas was a no brainer for the NHL and it lived up to expectations. From attracting stars of all kinds to the action on the ice, this was an unbridled success for the NHL. [Sportsnet]