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Brad Marchand to have Player Safety hearing following actions in game vs. Penguins

Marchand received a match penalty.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Boston Bruins Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Around 12 hours after the Penguins skated off of the ice with a victory at TD Garden in Boston, it appears that the loss on the scoreboard won't be the only one the Bruins are being dealt — Brad Marchand is likely facing a suspension as well.

On Tuesday night, Marchand received a match penalty for his actions involving Penguins goaltender Tristan Jarry.

The bad blood between the two may have started earlier on in the game, when Marchand didn’t allow Jarry to give a puck to a Penguins fan on the road in Boston.

But compared to what would follow, this was minor.

Late in the game, Marchand went after Jarry, punching him in the head, and then swinging his stick at Jarry’s face as well.

It’s unclear what may have been said between the two players leading up to the interaction.

Marchand received a match penalty for his actions and now is likely facing supplemental discipline from the league's Player Safety department.

The department announced Wednesday that Marchand has been offered an in-person (virtual) hearing.

It’s unclear when the hearing is set to take place.

The Penguins get back into action tomorrow night in Ottawa when they’ll take on the Senators at 7:00 p.m E.T.