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Pens Points: Leaking Oil

Penguins no-show again in blowout to Oilers that leaves more question marks. Pens Points is here with everything you need to know.

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday night will be marked down as yet another lackluster performance from the Pittsburgh Penguins, another defeat that leaves more questions than answers after being routed 5-1 by the visiting Edmonton Oilers. Jeff Carter briefly tied the game early in the second period but the Oilers responded 25 seconds later then scored three more after that to seal the victory and home-ice advantage in the first round. [Pensburgh]

Like clockwork, Pens Points arrives just in time for your morning...

With just two games left in the season but plenty still to play for, Mike Sullivan decided to shake up his lines before facing the Oilers. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

When the Penguins and Oilers meet, it’s a star studded affair more than worth the price of admission. Crosby and Malkin for the Penguins up against McDavid and Draisaitl for the Oilers is must watch hockey if you get the chance. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

There has been some talk recently across the hockey world in regards to the NHL expanding it’s playoff format. With already half of the league qualifying for the playoffs, many don’t see a benefit in allowing even more in. [Trib Live]

News and notes from around the NHL...

It’s little consolation for the Penguins after laying an egg against the Oilers, but the New York Islanders did defeat the Washington Capitals to keep the Penguins in third place in the Metro division for the time being. [Japers’ Rink]

Auston Matthews added another piece of history to his already history making season by becoming the first American to score 60 goals in a season. Matthews set the Maples Leafs franchise mark a few days ago. [NHL]