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On this date in Penguins history: Malkin’s magnificent hat-trick

Malkin’s hat-trick helped propel the Pens towards the Stanley Cup Final.

Carolina Hurricanes v Pittsburgh Penguins, Game Two Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

13 years ago today, Evgeni Malkin put on a show that is still remembered by Penguins fans everywhere.

The second game of the Eastern Conference Final featured 11 goals, with the Pens winning 7-4.

Evgeni Malkin scored a hat-trick, with the third being one of the most special of his career.

“Oh my word! Evgeni Malkin....spectacular!

The goal speaks for itself.

Winning the faceoff, taking control of the puck, working his way around the net, going to the backhand, everyone thinking ‘There’s no way he’s going to shoot,’ and then just making it look easy and fooling Cam Ward.

It was a series where Malkin was unstoppable, scoring six goals in 4 games and helping lead the Penguins to the Cup Final with a sweep over the Hurricanes.

What a special place the Mellon Arena was, and videos like these show that without question.

This has to be one of Malkin’s best goals, right?