Off-Season Thoughts Edition #1 & #2

Kasperi Kapanen is a 25 year old RFA. Goodbye, Kasperi Kapanen.

There are a number of other players in a similar category.

One way the Penguins could change things up would be by trading for another RFA player - sort of like a sign and trade deal, except without the signing. So, what could the Penguins use for next season? Well, a lot... But, let's take a look at some RFAs that I believe could fill holes for the Penguins next season, and beyond.

Oliver Kylington (LD)

Keegan Kolesar (RW)

Klim Kostin (RW/LW)

Domikin Kubalik (LW/RW)

Denis Gurianov (LW/RW)

Erik Brannstrom... Filip Zadina... Barrett Hayton...

Obviously, Kapanen isn't in the same realm of RFA as the last three mentioned, but the thought of both players status as RFAs remains, and we know how the Penguins like to use draft picks as capital for trades. Of note, I chose some larger, more physical wingers. I'm of the opinion that fast, young legs, combined with a desire to hit the opposition would be a good addition to the team.


Jason Zucker is paid $5.5M. Goodbye, Jason Zucker.

Approximating the math, Malkin will probably come in a bit under his previous contract, and Letang will probably come in a bit over. Call it a wash. I'd like to trade Zucker for futures... or maybe the RFA rights to Kevin Fiala? Essentially, the poor guy has become a bad contract through no fault of his own, but I'm quite frankly thankful that the contract is over next season. If he can be used to restock the cupboards or attain a young 3rd line player, let's do it. With him making more than Rust, and nearly as much as Guentzel, it just doesn't even look good. That $5.5M can be used to do so many other things though, like improving the defense and signing a backup goal-tender.


I'd have liked to add a poll to this post, but I wasn't able to figure out how to do so. So... Couple of questions...

#1 - Of the left defensemen, which one would you trade, and why?

#2 - Why does Kapanen suck? (Suggesting lack of suckage is not acceptable).

#3 - What is Zucker worth in a trade? Get creative. Let's package him up with a pick and a defenseman and make a splash!

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