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On this date in Penguins history: Petr Sykora called his shot

14 years ago today, Petr Sykora kept the Penguins’ chances alive in the 2008 Stanley Cup Final.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Detroit Red Wings - Game Five Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

It’s been 14 years since Petr Sykora called his shot — which kept the Penguins hopes of winning the Stanley Cup alive for one more game.

Flashback to 2008 and you had the young, upstart Penguins and the grizzly veteran Red Wings from Detroit.

The Penguins were outmatched in nearly all aspects and were trailing 3-1 in the Cup Final.

The Cup was on display at Joe Louis Arena and the Red Wings were ready to celebrate at home with their fans.

The Penguins led 2-0 in the game, but the Red Wings, as they often did, clawed their way back to take a 3-2 lead and with less than 1 minute in the game, it seemed like the Cup was theirs.

First, enter Max Talbot. A late regulation goal forced overtime.

The teams would play a period of overtime — and another — and they would go to a third overtime period.

Now, enter Petr Sykora.

The man said he would score and then he went and did the damn thing.

What a player.