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Everyone loves the Penguins’ logo

NHL fans vote the Pens’ logo as one of the best

NHL: NOV 18 Penguins at Canadiens Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

NHL fans ranked the Penguins’ logo as one of the sport’s finest on a recent twitter poll.

The Kachina logo for the Coyotes is popular, but is it really the second best in the NHL? That seems high. And the Anaheim Ducks could probably go from last to way up to the top if they dropped that hideous modern logo and brought back the colors/’90s logo.

The Penguins’ logo did well in the survey, and for good reason. It’s just a classic great hockey logo with a penguin on skates holding a hockey stick. Even before getting into the added symbolism unique to Pittsburgh with a literal golden triangle in the background, this logo is the peak of design. You could show it to anyone on the street, even a non-sports fan and it’s well, obviously a hockey logo. Can’t say that about too many other team designs on the list are as easily identifiable.

It was fairly surprising a lot of the traditional “Original Six” era teams were so low, or maybe that modern designs like Minnesota and San Jose were top five. They’re good, but that good? Just personally, I like the Boston logo better than those, and Buffalo at 13 is a touch too low for my tastes as well, as far as sharp traditional logos go, that suits my style.

The newest teams were split, Seattle ranked in the top quartile with their contrasting blues and the subtle red dots. But Vegas was in the bottom half of the league (and might fall further still as they switch to a tacky gold jersey as their full time home sweaters next year).

For the Metropolitan Division, to me the Islanders are low at 25. It might just be the memories, but having Long Island worked into the logo is a nice touch. The actual Rangers logo isn’t much to write home about and looks properly ranked in the middle, and fittingly Washington is near the bottom since their logo isn’t a logo at all, it’s just a wordmark.

Which logos ended up on the survey too high or too low for your liking?