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Remembering a Penguins moment: Malkin’s super slapshot

It’s easily one of the most memorable goals from Malkin’s career.

Philadelphia Flyers v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

If you had to make a Top 10 or even a Top 5 list of your favorite goals that Evgeni Malkin has scored in his illustrious career with the Penguins, there are a few that quickly come to mind.

One of the first that I think of are when he danced around what felt like the entire Tampa Bay Lightning team in 2012. You instantly remember the backhand goal against the Hurricanes in the Eastern Conference Final.

But today, we’re going to look at a goal from the Eastern Conference Final, just one year prior, in 2008.

Flash back to Game 1 of that Conference Final, where the Penguins had traded goals with the Flyers, and led 3-2, but Philadelphia was on a power play.

Evgeni Malkin tried to create some magic, but was dumped behind the play by Mike Richards.

Malkin was able to get himself together, but no one expected what was coming next.

What an absolute “f you” goal!

What’s your favorite Malkin memory?