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Tristan Jarry's best saves of 2021-22

The Pens' goalie had some moments to remember

Pittsburgh Penguins v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It's tough to avoid thinking about the injury circumstances that shaped another disappointing ending for Tristan Jarry and the Penguins last season, but his highlight reels shows why it was so disappointing.

With no one truly knowing how he would bounce-back (and play as the NHL starter in his first full 82 game season), Jarry quickly laid any doubts to rest about his skill level and ability to keep the puck out of the net.

His great play earned him a second trip to the NHL All-Star game, and Jarry was among the top five or 10 goalies in the league that played a ton of minutes and provided consistently solid goaltending for Pittsburgh. This highlight reel that the NHL put on twitter brings back a lot of his top moments.

A lot of the above features broken plays, bad bounces or some sort of unexpected chaos in front of the net. Jarry is quick enough mentally and physically to rebound, and he does have a great knack to never quit on a play. With lunges of his legs, stick or glove he's usually in good enough position to take something away from shooters, and often times outright rob them of goals.

Now if we could just see this goalie play like this in April, for once the Pens might be onto another deep playoff run.