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Teddy Blueger is out here scoring goals, beating dudes up this summer (really)

Don’t cross the boss, and by boss I mean Teddy Blueger in summer league hockey

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Pittsburgh Penguins at New York Rangers Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

Teddy Blueger has only been in four career NHL fights in 205 games. Last night in Minnesota’s famous “Da Beauty League” summer hockey league, he unbelievably got in what appears to be the the league’s first ever tilt.

Blueger scored a goal in the second to increase his team’s lead to 12-3. It was a playoff game too, and also Blueger’s fourth goal of the game. All of this or something about how Blueger did this got a wild hair on Vinni Lettieri, who went after Blueger and started a fight.

With just 20 penalty minutes in 82 career NHL games, the 27-year old, 5’11, 185 pound Lettieri isn’t much for the tough stuff himself usually.

It showed, with Blueger feeding Lettieri his lunch and bloodying the Anaheim Duck player.

This is all pretty unbelievable, for a summer league where the effort-level is way more shinny than competitive hockey, two NHL players (neither of which tend to fight during their day job) got in a legit fist fight. In August.

Luckily for all parties it didn’t look like anyone was that worse for wear when the dust settled.

Tough night at the office for Lettieri. Team was getting their ass kicked and he took offense to something Blueger did, only for Lettieri to literally get his ass kicked. That’s an unfortunate turn of events for summer hockey.

This should stand as a lesson to anyone on skates in the Minnesota area this summer, don’t cross the boss (Teddy Blueger) or else it’s knuckle sandwich time.