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Penguins wear ‘CF’ initials on helmets in memory Kris Letang’s father

The news of Letang’s father’s passing came earlier this week.

When the Penguins took the ice for tonight’s game, every player was wearing a “CF” sticker in memory of Kris Letang’s father, Claude Fouquet.
Pittsburgh Penguins/Twitter

When the Penguins took the ice at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas last night, all of the players on the team were sporting a set of logos on their helmet in honor of Claude Fouquet.

Fouquet, the father of Kris Letang, recently passed away, and the Penguins announced the stickers on the helmets were in his memory.

Earlier this week, just hours before the Winter Classic, Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan announced that Letang would be taking a leave of absence due to the death of his father.

According to the Post-Gazette, “Fouquet supported Letang’s passion for hockey as a young boy by selling 18-wheeler semi-trucks.”

It’s unclear when Letang is expected to rejoin the team or if it will occur before the team arrives home from its current road trip.

The Penguins will head to Arizona where they will face the Coyotes on Sunday. Puck drop is scheduled for 7 p.m.