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Tristan Jarry scores first goalie goal in Penguins’ franchise history!

Jarry makes history in Tampa

NHL: NOV 28 Penguins at Predators Photo by Danny Murphy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Tristan Jarry just made Pittsburgh Penguins history. With 68 seconds to go in the game against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday, Jarry fired a puck the length of the ice to score into an empty net. It was the first time a goaltender has scored a goal in the 56 seasons and 4,357 games in Penguins’ franchise history, in what ended up being the franchise’s 2000th regular season victory.

Goalies can be cautious when only leading by one goal to risk icing the puck if they miss the net, but Jarry acted decisively to quickly collect the puck and swing down to a knee as he absolutely launched a shot that stayed in the air for a long time. It hit the ice and didn’t take a funny bounce, sliding straight into the net to mark Jarry’s place in franchise lore as the first netminder to score a goal. (Somewhere, Marc-Andre Fleury punches the air with his trademark smile, given his trials and tribulations over the years at the long quest to get a goal of his own). But this piece of franchise history was made by Jarry.

“It was just a perfect scenario,” Jarry told the Sportnet Pittsburgh broadcast after the game. He cited how the puck trickled to him slow and allowed him the time to fling it down the ice.

Scoring goals is nothing new for Jarry, he did it with Wilkes-Barre back in November 2018. Jarry joins Chris Mason as only the second goalie in hockey history to score a goal in both the AHL and NHL.

This was not even the organization’s first goalie goal this month — NHL backup Alex Nedeljkovic scored for Wilkes while on a rehab assignment on November 18th. This time, his partner was the one to step up and get it done to set some fun history and do his part (along with 39 saves) to help the Pens earn a win in Tampa.