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Long-running tradition of Pens fans celebrating wins against Capitals on Portrait Gallery steps could be coming to an end

It appears the Capitals will be moving out of Washington, D.C. and relocating to a new arena in Northern Virginia.

A long-running tradition of Penguins fans celebrating on the steps of the National Portrait Gallery following road wins against the Washington Capitals could be coming to an end.

Reports out of WJLA say that later this morning, Capitals owner Ted Leonsis is expected to attend an event at Potomac Yard in Alexandria, Va.

WJLA reports that Leonsis was considering moving both the Capitals and the Washington Wizards NBA team to Northern Virginia.

Local lawmakers in Virginia are expected to approve a sports district in Alexandria that both teams would use, along with a music and entertainment venue, a conference center, hotels, and a headquarters for Monumental Sports & Entertainment.

WJLA says that groundbreaking on the new complex and arena could take place in 2025 with the teams moving there in 2028.

Washington leaders are expected to try and keep the move from happening.

The Capitals have been playing at Capital One Arena for more than 25 years and in recent years, road games for the Penguins have led to a tradition for fans taking the steps of the National Portrait Gallery across the street after a road win.

It’s unclear if there will be any steps near the proposed new arena for the Capitals that Penguins fans could adopt as their own should the move take place.