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Celebrating the holiday with the Penguins’ Christmas-themed videos of the past

Happy holidays!

Carolina Hurricanes v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

The creative team with the Penguins was on a roll pre-pandemic with several pop culture spoofs and twists on Christmas movies and themes for videos. It’s a shame they haven’t produced one in a while, but the subject was well covered over the years and there isn’t a lot left to still create.

But we still have the memories of these, so let’s look back this Christmas Eve and get into the holiday spirit by remembering some of them.

The team’s 2014 video and first one of its kind in this era set the bar really high. The Pens’ take on “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” is chock full of great moments. And some blasts from the past with Jim Rutherford, Mike Lange and the comedic duo of Bobby “Ya Know” Bortuzzo and Beau Bennett all stealing the show with their cameos. And who could forget the sequence that launched a thousand meme’s with Evgeni Malkin’s “bingo!”

There’s no better comedic material than Christmas Vacation, and some of the Pens like Zach Sill really sunk their chops into this one.

With the bar set high from the first year, the Pens were back to delight in 2015 with their take on “Home Alone”. They almost doubled the run time from the prior year’s feature to make this almost four minute classic.

In 2017, the team joined in on the ubiquitous “A Christmas Story” content. Personally, not a huge fan of those movie unlike so many, but hey, it checks the boxes for the season and does justice to a very popular movie.

2018 saw the team stray from pop culture and create their own video about holiday traditions and trained viewers on how to get into the spirit.

And then in 2019 the team ventured back to the 1990’s for their take on the Tim Allen classic “The Santa Clause”.

However you enjoy your holiday season, we hope it’s filled with fun, relaxation and some light-hearted moments to unwind at the end of another year. From all of us at PensBurgh, happy holidays and Merry Christmas!