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Welcome to the Penscast

A new podcasting endeavor brought to you by PensBurgh’s Garrett Behanna and Robbie Naugle.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Tampa Bay Lightning Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Welcome to the Penscast, a new podcasting endeavor by PensBurgh’s Garrett Behanna and Robbie Naugle.

With Vox Media severing ties to its extensive array of podcast contributors (PensBurgh included), Robbie and I were approached by the fine folk at Behind the Steel Curtain, SB Nation’s Pittsburgh Steelers blog. Their podcast contracts were terminated as well. We, along with several podcasters from the SB Nation community and independent podcasters alike, have banded together to form Fans First Sports Network, an all-encompassing podcasting platform to follow your favorite sports teams.

Under the Fans First Sports Network banner, Robbie and I have created the Skating Penguin Network, a place to eventually house all of our podcast-related materials. All our past and future episodes of the podcast will live under the Skating Penguin Network.

If we reach a point where we expand, either through new shows or, potentially, new hosts, they will join us under the Skating Penguin Network.

Moving forward, as we continue to expand the Penscast and Fans First Sports Network, we would love for you to join the ride and help us grow.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a Pittsburgh Penguins fan and maybe listened to Robbie and me when we were affiliated with PensBurgh as the PensBurgh Podcast. Think of this as a new chapter, a fresh coat of paint over what you’ve become accustomed to as a podcast listener.

As Robbie and I move forward as an independent podcast, we will be changing a few things, like our content structure and diversifying podcasts by publishing several smaller, more digestible podcasts rather than one 90-minute show every week.

The podcast will be getting a new look as well. Right now, as we wait for Vox Media to hand us our RSS feeds, we are working on implementing new graphics and new podcasting software to make this the best product it can be.

If you’re a longtime listener or finding us for the first time under this rebranding, Robbie and I thank you for listening to us as we continue to bring you our scorching hot Penguins takes.

Be sure to follow the Skating Penguin Network on Twitter, @PenguinsFFSN, to stay up-to-date with our latest podcast episodes, new content, and more.

Follow Fans First Sports Network on Twitter, @FansFirstSN, as we continue to grow this new company, too.