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The Penscast Mailbag: May 16, 2023

Your mailbag questions are answered in this week’s edition of the Penscast Mailbag!

Pittsburgh Penguins v Dallas Stars Photo by Glenn James/NHLI via Getty Images

Sixteen questions from one of our faithful listeners, Brian, comprise this week’s Penscast Mailbag. Brian asked a wide array of differing questions for both Garrett and Robbie to answer.

Are the Seattle Kraken the de facto playoff team for Pittsburghers since a portion of the roster is comprised of former Pittsburgh Penguins players? How is Snoop Dogg connected with the pending sale of the Ottawa Senators? What is the greatest sports logo of all time? Would you entertain a specific Mike Sullivan trade to the New York Rangers?

And, following last week’s intense discussion on the best kinds of foods, Brian asks this week what our final meal would look like.

All of these topics and more are discussed on this week’s show!



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