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Report: Penguins trim GM candidate list, will Dubas change his mind?

The Pens are moving through the interview process, but the biggest possible name just entered the jobless pool.

Toronto Maple Leafs clean out their lockers and hold season ending interviews after being eliminated by the Florida Panthers in the second round of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Pierre LeBrun gives an update about the Penguins’ search for new leadership in management.

Most of these names have been highlighted on PensBurgh in recent weeks, one who hasn’t is Steve Greeley. Greeley, 42, is the current director of strategy for the Dallas Stars after stints in Buffalo as assistant GM (2017-20) and being the NY Rangers director of personnel (2015-17).

Overall, the names listed by LeBrun are all solid names and fit the profile of exactly what you would expect and hope for, based on what the Fenway Sports Group mentioned they want in their next GM. All of the list (which perhaps is not the total group) is younger and would all be first time full GMs. Most of them are known to have a strong background and grasp on analytical concepts.

There are no absolute stinker names of people who lack experience and don’t fit the job like broadcasters. The last time the Pens needed a general manager when Mario Lemieux and his group were in control, Pierre McGuire and Kevin Weekes both advanced deep in the process. No offense to them, but the reported list of possible candidates this time around is a lot more impressive, with all choices appearing to be at least OK from a starting point of view. Also notably absent are generally unpopular choices like Stan Bowman and Peter Chiarelli— the latter who did have an interview in Pittsburgh.

LeBrun also touches on the biggest name now without a job in Kyle Dubas, after a wild week left him cast aside by Toronto and Brendan Shanahan. Dubas did say he would only work in Toronto next year and expressed some doubt if putting his family through the ringer was even worth continuing, it would require a major change of heart to come to a new perspective.

However, major changes in perspective can be caused by big jolts like being let go from one’s job. Does Dubas want to get back to work immediately? Would he be cool with relocating his family or able to find any sort of work-life balance? It’s questions only he can answer, but they’re now different from a few days ago.

The questions don’t stop there, reportedly the Pens are keen on John Chayka, and perhaps have been impressed by others in the interview process. Would they be willing to choose Dubas over them, or would they like Dubas more? If Pittsburgh was to hire someone like Chayka with an oversized personality as Team President, would Dubas even be interested in a power split or having more or less of another boss/superior over him coming off what Shanahan just did to him?

It’s clear there are more questions than answers with Dubas right now, but at this point he has got to be in the conversation for the Pens for the first time. Whose to say just how those conversations might go or how long they could last, but the fallout in Toronto could lead to an interesting new name in the mix in Pittsburgh.