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Penguins still waiting on Dubas’ answer as days tick by

Will he or won’t he? Pittsburgh awaits a response from Kyle Dubas about a job

NHL: APR 14 Stanley Cup Playoffs First Round - Islanders at Penguins Photo by Jeanine Leech/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Penguins were giving Kyle Dubas the long holiday weekend to consider if he wanted to move on to a job in Pittsburgh almost immediately after being pushed out the door in Toronto. Yesterday, depending on reports, Dubas was either finalizing the deal to join the Pens, or there were other rumors that he was leaning more towards turning down the offer. Nothing official but conflicting reports at both ends of the spectrum.

That seems to be where it stands as of Wednesday morning, with the organization remaining in a holding pattern, and no final decision having made as of yet.

Friedman qualified his information by saying it was current as of Tuesday night 8-9 PM at (last night) at the time of the recording.

“The honest answer is there was no final decision. Or if there is a final decision, it was made recently and we just haven’t heard it yet. There were some people that still believed that Dubas was leaning towards taking the job. There are other people who heard rumors that Dubas had turn down the job.

“I don’t think as we sit here right now, either is accurate. I think that he was still going through the process — and some of it could be negotiation — I don’t want to say yes or no on both sides. But I think there was no final decision.

“But what I do believe though is that the Penguins have indicated they need to know. Now, when’s the actual deadline? I’m not 100% positive but I think there is an understanding here from everyone involved that the Penguins need to know where this is going.”

Fillipponi clipped the pertinent audio if you care to listen.

So there you have it. The Pens are standing by while Dubas mulls the offer and what he wants to do in the immediate future.

Should Dubas decline, it is believed the top of Pittsburgh’s list would shift back to Tampa assistant Mathieu Darche and Dallas assistant Steve Greeley as a couple of names still remaining on the shortened list of candidates who have interviewed.