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Pensburgh 2023 Stanley Cup playoff bracket has an interesting winner


Stanley Cup Finals - Pittsburgh Penguins v Detroit Red Wings - Game Seven Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

We had 200 entries for the PensBurgh bracket challenge this year, and how many of them picked the correct eventual Stanley Cup champion?

Believe it or not, only eight.

That was a bit of a surprise looking back on it now, considering that Vegas was the top regular season team in the West. But goes to show just how few people thought the Golden Knights would actually go all the way a couple of months ago. Chiefly, and not without good reason, their goaltending was a huge question mark. Vegas wasn’t as flashy as some other choices and there were no shortage of other teams that could have been considered more well-rounded.

That turned out all for naught; Vegas went 16-6 in the playoffs and looked unstoppable along the way. Almost everyone they played looked like speed bumps, unable to match the relentless forecheck, offensive skill, defensive size and perhaps some surprise elite goaltending from an unlikely source in Adin Hill.

Here are the top finishers for our bracket and we actually had a tie for the win. in all its glory has “T0p Shelf” listed first, despite them listing 22 goals in the Stanley Cup Final for a tiebreaker. “Ruslan fedotenko” (who I can only assume is not THAT Ruslan Fedotenko) entered 36 for the tiebreaker which ended up closer to the actual total of 38 goals that were scored in the Final, making them the actual winner, despite not coming out on top in that view.

For prizes that makes it tough, since apparently the NHL bracket won’t let me see the email or any detail on who “Ruslan fedotenko” is. (Unless, of course, it really is the Ruslan Fedotenko everyone knows). So, I guess if you can log in and take a screenshot or show me you won, email me at hooksorpik at gmail or shoot a DM to the Pensburgh account on twitter and we’ll get you a prize for a gift at Pensgear. If not, thanks everyone who participated and better luck next year.