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Penguins bring back Tristan Jarry on five-year contract

Pittsburgh’s new goalie is their old goalie

NHL: NOV 19 Penguins at Jets Photo by Terrence Lee/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Penguins have solved the mystery of who will be their starting goalie next season. In a twist, it is their previous starting goalie. Tristan Jarry cashes in on the free agent market with a five-year deal and bump up in salary, but it is with the same team he has been with all along with a return to Pittsburgh.

On the surface, this makes sense for both sides, if not in the timing than the end result. Jarry didn’t have much of another place to go in free agency for a team seeking a high-priced goalie. And for their part, Pittsburgh didn’t have many other good options available to bring in to make a starting goalie.

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Thus ends the saga of what would happen for the Pens in net. Turns out, the answer they were seeking was right in front of them all along. Jarry is back, and given the big contract he will be the focus and main man in net for the foreseeable future in Pittsburgh.