Jersey Retirement Discussion - pending 68

With rumors of Jagr signing and retiring with the Pens, and the impending raising of 68 (along with 87, 71 & 58 - the only three 1000+GP Pens and maybe 29 eventually), who else would be deserving to have their number brought to the rafters in Pittsburgh?

Many HOF players have come through Pittsburgh, but does just a stop and maybe even a Cup or two justify a number retirement like Ray Bourque's 77 in the rafters in Colorado for a whopping 128 games played for them (94 regular season + 34 playoff games)?

Or, do you keep it more holy for only the greatest of players who made the most lasting impacts and keep the rest to the Ring of Honor?

I mean Ron Francis did play 8 of his 23 seasons in Pittsburgh (533GP, 16th all-time and one more than Pen's legend Troy Loney!)? Barrasso played 12 seasons (460GP) and won 2 Cups!

There are many Cup Champion HOF'ers who left their mark over less time like Recchi, Coffey, Murphy, Trottier, Mullen, Tocchet, etc.

Or even pre-Cup Pen's legends like Kehoe, Pronovost, Syl Apps, etc?

Who do you think is worthy, and why?

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