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Pens Points: Cats and Canadiens

Pens Points has all you need to know as the Penguins return to the ice for a back-to-back with the Panthers and Canadiens.

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Florida Panthers Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Another extended break gave the Pittsburgh Penguins most of the week off and hopefully some time to forget about last weekend and prepare for another important set of games tonight and tomorrow at PPG Paints Arena before the bye week/All-Star break commences on Sunday.

Tonight, the Florida Panthers are in town for a 7:00 PM face-off at PPG Paints Arena that will be broadcast on Sportsnet Pittsburgh. The Penguins will then do it all over again on Saturday night against the Montreal Canadiens, same time, same place.

Pens Points...

Buy or sell will be a question Kyle Dubas will have to answer before the trade deadline, and if he chooses the selling route, the cupboard is pretty bare in terms of value that could fetch a big return. [Pensburgh]

Despite an uneasy feeling at the moment, there is still a very real chance the Penguins make the playoffs though not many are high on their chances should they make the tournament. [The Hockey News]

Just by looking at his numbers this season you couldn’t tell Sidney Crosby was in the twilight of his career rather than the prime. Now it’s up to his teammates to back him up. [The Messenger]

Crosby has made it a point to say he plans to spend his entire career in Pittsburgh, but some experts want to see him bolt for greener pastures and a better shot at another Stanley Cup. [The Hockey News]

The Penguins as currently constructed are a very flawed team that will not be fixed easily by callups or injury comebacks, they will need some Kyle Dubas trade magic to truly improve. [The Hockey News]

One of the Penguins biggest charity events of the year is the annual “Night of Assists” gala and this was no different as players hosted attendees at PPG Paints Arena. [Penguins]

NHL News and Notes...

When it comes to prospects who could be moved at the deadline, there aren’t a ton of headliners seemingly on the block but that doesn’t mean there is no talent out there to be had. [Sportsnet]