Karlsson Trade Value

We can talk about NTCs, NMCs, retained salary, and all that if we want. But, as it sits, $11.5mil salary, $10mil cap hit, right? And, I'm honestly not sure on his movement clause - is it full NMC?

So, what's the guy worth in trade? Let's try not to get too emotional about it. Remember, dude is a 3x Norris winner, but he's also on the wrong side of 30 with a fat-daddy contract that doesn't expire for another 3 years.

My opinion, maybe with some retained salary, I think he's still worth a 1st round pick. If Guentzel's expiring contract can net the equivalent of a 1st +, then I'd have to assume Karlsson would be in that ballpark, maybe 2nd and a 3rd given the age, slightly diminishing skillset, and horrible contract?

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