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Pledge Drive: Tree of Life Synagogue

Here at PensBurgh, we’re raising money to benefit those in the Jewish community and Tree of Life Synagogue affected by the hateful tragedy at Squirrel Hill.

Pensburgh Pledge Drive Results

Thanks to fans and foes alike, our pledge drive raised thousands of dollars for sick kids in need of care and support.

Pledge Drive: Children's Hospital Foundation

Make your pledge today to donate money to benefit the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation

2011-2012 PensBurgh Award Ceremony

PensBurgh announces it's 2011-2012 PensBurgh NHL Awards Winners.

Pensburgh Charity Initiative: Beard-a-thon

The Pittsburgh Penguins beard-a-thon is going on, Pensburgh is going to support a friend and help raise money for the Mario Lemieux Foundation.

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