WATCH: Sidney Crosby picks up the Prince of Wales Trophy


Sidney Crosby wasn't wasting much time reaching out for that trophy, as he and alternate captains Evgeni Malkin and Chris Kunitz all held it in triumph (with a bit of direction from Geno).

Of course, there's a suspicion against touching the trophy after winning three rounds of the playoffs - it's bad luck to celebrate that accomplishment when the Stanley Cup is still to be won.

But Crosby picked up the trophy back in 2009, and that turned out pretty good for him.

Besides... if Sid didn't pick it up, how was he supposed to get it to Duper?

WATCH: Bryan Rust scores twice in Game 7


Coming into this series, Bryan Rust had scored two goals these playoffs. They both came in Game 5 against the Rangers: the game the Penguins finally eliminated them and moved on to the second round of the playoffs.

Rust scored his third goal of the playoffs to extend the Penguins' season in Game 6 against the Lightning.

Now, he's got two more - in another elimination game.

The first we saw to open the period. The second came just 30 seconds after the Lightning tied the game - capitalizing off of a shaky Andrei Vasilevskiy and tucking it right in.

Elimination games, meet Bryan Rust. He already knows you - and he's got five goals (and counting?) during you.

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon pokes fun at Matt Murray with Tonight Show Superlatives


Matt Murray comes in at about 1:20, although all of the superlatives are pretty funny.

Although hey Jimmy, what gives - Murray is the only Penguin he's done a superlative for these playoffs. I guess even though they're one of the last-standing teams, they just don't have that many goofy-looking guys on their roster? Are we sure about that??

Anyway. Murray? I wouldn't have thought it before, but Fallon is right - Murray totally looks like a French cartoon villain. Just give him a mustache and that could be him to a tee!

On This Day 25 Years Ago: Pens Win 1st Stanley Cup (May 25, 1991)


It happened on this day a quarter century ago: On May 25, 1991 the Penguins defeated the Minnesota North Stars 8-0 to capture the first Stanley Cup in team history.

WATCH: How the Pittsburgh Penguins made HBK a hockey fan


The number one thing Shawn Michaels, the Heartbreak Kid, is impressed with when it comes to hockey? Just how fast it is. And he's right - there's nothing like seeing a game in person.

It's awesome how quickly this all took off. Carl Hagelin, Nick Bonino, and Phil Kessel - three of the Penguins' top five scorers these playoffs - have been phenomenal and inseparable on their line together. Hence: HBK.

The first HBK got caught up in the storm, and he got to go from hockey rookie to lover all in an instant because of it.

This reminds me of when Andrew W.K. came to Pittsburgh after the Penguins made Party Hard their goal song. They've been fantastic at catching various cultural figures in their net - and making new Penguins fans because of it.

WATCH: Phil Kessel, Carl Hagelin use their speed, open scoring in Game 3


What was that about the Pittsburgh Penguins' speed being killer, again?

You can't take any time off against the Pens. Not even when there are just 10 seconds to go in the period. Because clearly, Phil Kessel will simply outskate you. And even if you cut him off? Well there's his speedy linemate, Carl Hagelin, to put it in.

The Penguins have outshot the Lightning 31-18 through two periods. They were beyond due. And finally, right at the end of the second period, thanks to killer speed, they've opened Game 3's scoring.

WATCH: Refs mic'd up during Penguins/Capitals series


Okay, so the entire video isn't just the Penguins and Capitals - but the first couple of minutes feature them heavily. Once you see Sidney Crosby chat with the ref a little over 1:30 in, you're about done.

The Penguins generate some pretty awesome choice quotes from the officials, though.

In coming to Eric Fehr's defense: "Hey! He's not pointing his stick in you, you keep your stick outta him!"

"Matt how ya doin' bud?" We all know who Matt is by this point. Everyone loves him - including the refs!

And yelling at Carl Hagelin: "You got the powerplay, get outta here!" Wise words.

WATCH: Two years ago today, Conor Sheary made his pro playoff debut


Look at how far Conor Sheary has come over the past two years! He'd only just finished his college career, and was just getting started in the AHL - and now he's in the NHL, and playing on Sidney Crosby's line.

He was over a point per game with the WBS Penguins this season; of course when injuries struck, he was brought up to the NHL team. And he stuck. And now he has three points in six NHL playoff games.

Wonder how he'll celebrate his two-year anniversary tonight? There's a pretty obvious way to go about it...

WATCH: Evgeni Malkin jumps off the bench, Penguins score twice in 57 seconds



And immediately after Bonino completely embarrasses all the Capitals on the ice - in comes Evgeni Malkin. You didn't get a moment between goals; and neither did Geno, as he went straight from the bench to the back of the net - and what a celebration.

... then Malkin made it 2-1 @penguins #StanleyCup

— NBCSN (@NBCSN) April 29, 2016

We're in for an amazing series. And it's a really good thing Geno is here for it!

Throwback: Alex Ovechkin pranks Sidney Crosby in NHL commercial


It's been a really long time since Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin faced off against one another in the playoffs. So... how about a major flash back to the past?

Remember this NHL commercial from back when Crosby vs. Ovechkin was really starting to build up? It's still hilarious today - and now we get to see the rivalry really come back to life!

Also, it's amazing how much the league has changed over the past several years. And yet, there are Crosby and Ovechkin - two of the few star players who haven't changed teams.

I think Joe Thornton is the only other guy in the ad who's still on the same team. It really helps highlight just how amazing it is to not only get ahold of these players, but never let them go.