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Olympic Previews

In this group we will look at all 12 teams participating at the Sochi men's hockey tournament. We'll find out how they qualified, try to project what their rosters will look like, meet the coaches, evaluate each team's strengths and weaknesses, and guess how well they'll finish.

Olympic Preview: USA

Americans don't have the biggest names, but they just might have the best team going to Sochi. Who will make the team, to be announced January 1?

Olympic Preview: Sweden

How will the defending world champions fare in Sochi?

Olympic Preview: Slovenia

Anze Kopitar. That's about the only thing North American hockey fans know about Slovenian hockey. Is there anything more to it? Let's meet the Lynx, Sochi's Cinderella team.

Olympic Preview: Slovakia

Aside from a few superstars, how good is team Slovakia heading to Sochi? Let's find out.

Olympic Previews: Norway

Let's meet the Polar Bears. We know they can score goals (to the tune of 35 goals in 8 games at the 2012 WC), but how good are they overall and how well will they fare in Sochi?

Olympic Preview: Russia

Let's meet our Sochi hosts. They have Malkin, Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Datsyuk. Will it be enough for gold?

Olympic Preview: Latvia

Let's meet the underdog. Can Latvia pull off an epic upset in Sochi?

Olympic Preview: Finland

Let's meet Santa's hockey team, the great Finnish Lions.

Olympic Preview: Czech Republic

They are the world's heaviest consumers of beer. Hockey is in their DNA. They open in Sochi against Sweden. Will Lundqvist exact revenge on Hertl? How good are the Czechs anyway?

Olympic Preview: Canada

These guys need no preview, but we'll do it anyway. Let's see which good Canadian boys will get a trip to Sochi, and how well they'll do once there.

Olympic Preview: Austria

Let's meet the men's Olympic hockey team from the land of Mozart, Freud, Pez and winter sports.

Olympic Preview Series: Sochi 2014

In the series kick-off, let's get to know the host city, Olympic venues, IIHF rules and how they're different from NHL rules, and the competition format of the Olympic hockey tournament.