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Pens Pins

Of course there were penguins at the Stadium Series game

Like, the actual bird version.

Marc-Andre Fleury got all bundled up for the outdoor game

As the backup, he had to be sure to try and keep warm.

Mike Rupp, Carl Hagelin reminisce about beating the Flyers outside

Of course, they were on a different team back then.

Harnaryan Singh and the origin of the Nick Bonino call - and Hockey Night Punjabi

A ton of work went into getting that one iconic call.

Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin score, Pittsburgh Penguins win

They have a 69-4-1 record when that happens. Nice.

Evgeni Malkin notches 500 assists

Yet another Penguins milestone reached.

Here’s to all those who helped Sidney Crosby along the way

110 players have helped Crosby get there, led by - of course - Evgeni Malkin.

Kris Letang now has his own chocolate bar

He loves chocolate so much, he created his own. That’s goals.

Matt Murray is leading this season’s rookie goalie class - of course

Technically he’s still a rookie, which is wild to think about.

Jake Guentzel carrying on Penguins rookie success this season

Also, the Pens are in a familiar position in the standings...

Heinz Field is finally starting to get its rink for the Stadium Series

The Penguins’ outdoor game is just 12 days away!

Matt Murray is auctioning off one of his World Cup of Hockey sticks for charity

Specifically, he’s helping the humane society in Thunder Bay.

The wait for Sidney Crosby to hit 1,000

What a time for Crosby to go pointless back-to-back.

In context, Marc-Andre Fleury’s Stadium Series mask is really, really emotional

It’s like a love letter to the Penguins.

Phil Kessel first from his draft class to hit 800 games, has been consistently healthy

That doesn’t mean he didn’t get laid up when he was younger, though...

Here’s little Phil Kessel, scoring a goal

He still scores goals, he’s just bigger now.

Pittsburgh Penguins unveil Stadium Series uniforms

Plus Marc-Andre Fleury and Matt Murray went all in on their new goalie gear.

There seems to be some confusion as to who is Sidney Crosby’s best friend

Ovechkin... or Malkin? Both have claimed to be Crosby’s bestest buddy.

Kris Letang is hanging out with a penguin during the All-Star Break

A penguin named after him, even!

Matt Murray has a Newfoundland puppy, and he has an Instagram

And this is a BIG puppy.

Evgeni Malkin steals the show in this All-Star ad

He’s actually probably the best actor of them all.

Conor Sheary named NHL’s first star of the week

It’s been quite a week for him!

Evgeni Malkin is definitely cheering for the Steelers

Who else would he even be a fan of??

Conor Sheary standing out in his second season

Remember how he was undrafted?

WATCH: Sidney Crosby auditions for the All-Star Game

“This is Hollywood, and this is how we do things.”

Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin remain well atop the NHL’s scoring race

Well, when your team scores eight goals in one game...

Sidney Crosby, and the quest for 1,000 points

He’s 17 away - and in way fewer games.

Plane life with the Pittsburgh Penguins

Kris Letang and Steven Oleksy played Monopoly.

Evgeni Malkin to join Sidney Crosby at NHL All-Star Game

That’s two Penguins representatives this year.

The Pittsburgh Penguins own the third period

They’ve outscored their opponents by 31 goals in that frame. That’s a lot.

Here’s what the Pittsburgh Penguins are up to on vacation

Mostly pools, apparently.

Sidney Crosby voted Metropolitan Captain for NHL All-Star Game

How’s he gonna get out of this one? Or is he at all?


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