Patric Hornqvist, the net-front catalyst

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Watching Patric Hornqvist playing for the Penguins throughout the playoffs last season, and so far this season, you almost have to start feeling sorry for the defensemen and goaltenders who have to deal with his ferocious play. Almost. He never stops.

Let’s look at the charts above, showing the locations where Patric Hornqvist is scoring his goals from. Just completely camping out in the net-front area, if not scoring goals from the crease.

If you’re Martin Jones here, you just have to shake your head at a player like Patric Hornqvist being literally right in front of you.

This goal, that took place earlier this week against the Blue Jackets, is Peak Patric Hornqvist. I believe it was Carl Hagelin who went to the net, and the puck was likely going to cross the goal line regardless. But Hornqvist was there to finish it off just to make sure.

Referencing the shot location chart from above, here’s the FARTHEST distanced goal that Hornqvist has scored this season. That distance feels like business as usual for most wingers and goal scorers in the NHL. For Hornqvist, this season, that’s outside his range.

In addition to the close range of goals that Hornqvist is scoring this season, he’s doing it in a number of different ways.

Here, Hornqvist finds a patch of ice to camp out, and redirects a point shot past Braden Holtby.

In this instance, Hornqvist scores a wraparound goal against Pekka Rinne.

When playing with and being set up for goals by Sidney Crosby, you’re going to need to be ready in front of the net. Hornqvist often is.

Here’s another example of this. Finding a spot near the corner of the net and simply being there and ready to finish.

Soft hands in front of the net. Getting to that spot, finding the puck on your stick, and being able to poke it past the net minder.

In this instance, Hornqvist surprised the goaltender by quickly going to a backhand shot along the ice without even turning around.

It’s insanely fun watching a player with the net-front resilience like Hornqvist, who will take a beating and keep going back for more. I love Patric Hornqvist’s game, and I can’t wait to see how many more net-front goals he scores this season.



Now let’s see the info and pics on where he is on the ice when any pen scores! I bet in most cases he is planted right in his office at goalside.

It’s officially the time of year where, when the title says a players name I hold my breath thinking it’s trade related. This one was very concerning.

No fucking way they trade Hornqvist. I wouldn’t say he’s in untouchable territory… but he’s pretty close for me.

They may trade a player like Maatta or Fleury or some pieces in the AHL. But I can’t see them trading any of the core from the 2015-2016 team other than Maatta/Fleury. If they do, I’ll be borderline shocked.

Same. I highly don’t think the Penguins are making any big moves this deadline. There’s no room, and no real need, they have a great team and a good record. It’s not perfect but it’s tough to improve in this day and age. I’d even be shocked right now if they trade Maatta right now.

They could trade MAF if he wants to move on, yet I’m thinking he probably sees the season out. That would be the only big move to make, and even then that’s not really going to be a big trade in terms of assets going out.

Aside from acquiring a depth defenseman, I don’t see much really on the horizon. Last year it wasn’t all that shocking to trade Scuderi (more surprising they could actually find a taker for him), and shaking up the forwards was necessary in the Perron/Hagelin deal. This year, much different scenario.

You nailed it. I doubt we see anything besides a 7th defenseman, because right now we’re 1 injury away from Ruhwedel or Olesky starting. Ruhwedel is OK, but he is an AHL defenseman. Having someone for insurance or even just in case Daley/Maatta whoever needs a night in the press box to re-evaluate their play.

Agree. Unless GMJR is capable of some real wizardry again, I think the Pens are likely only going to be able to make a move for a 6/7 D. Which, as the roster is currently constructed, something they really need.

I think if they could swap Fehr for a 3rd pair or decent 7th D, that’d be fine. I don’t think Fehr is awful, he’s actually been OK his past few games, but I don’t think they’d miss him much if he was gone, and a capable defenseman would go a long way to helping this team.

Having said that, they shouldn’t trade Fehr until we see how the injuries to Geno, Hagelin and Sheary play out over the next couple of weeks.

Fehr seems the best the game after he’s been scratched. Motivated. So… play him every other game I say!

I agree. Which is why my heart was in my stomach haha.

Hornqvist: He's like the Eveready bunny - takes a licking, keeps on ticking.....and scoring!!!



to have someone in front of the net who is so calm and doesn’t retaliate and just keeps trucking… but also probably one of best two in league at doing it (Sharks guy – is it Marleau? – the other?). And we don’t often see his battles to stay in front of the bet but occasionally the camera will catch an off puck incident (like Holtby slashing him behind the knees in the play-offs) and it’s rough

Wayne Simmons

Is up there. Vanek played that way too, when he was good

Yeah, I’d wondered about Simmons too, but I haven’t seen enough of his games to see if he spends soooo much time as the net as HQ does and I think Marleau does.

Do you mean Pavelski maybe?

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