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Everything related to hockey stats and numbers.

Dissecting the Penguins’ roster for ‘empty-calorie scorers’

Some players were obvious coming in, others may surprise you.

False Narratives

Evaluating Goalies - Part I

Evaluating Goalies Part I

The Importance of Situational Metrics

Situational metrics in hockey are important. They illustrate how and why the Penguins' defensemen have been used the way they have this year.


The Trap

The Penguins And The Trap This Year

Real Time Super Stats: Part II

Want to know how real-time stats differ on the road? Check out the answer inside!

Real-Time Super Stats And Hockey Success

Want to know how winning relates to certain hockey skills? Find out inside!

Goals, Assists, And Equality

Want to know the value between goals and assists? Take a look inside to find out!

The Penguins And Zone Starts

How did each of the Penguins do this year when it came to zone start stats? Find out inside!

Is +/- Really All Alone?

Want to know if other hockey stats suffer from the same defects as +/-? Take a look inside!

Shooting Percentage And Pascal Dupuis

Who led the Penguins this year in shooting percentage? Check out the results inside.

A Little Give And Take

Which Penguins led in giveaways and takeaways? Find out inside.

Getting To Know Zbynek Michalek

Want to know more about one of the Penguins' newest players? Look inside to find out what Zbynek Michalek is all about.

Penalties and Penguins

Which Penguins were the most effective at drawing penalties this year? An analysis that no sporting gentleman should miss.

Adjusting For Teammates And Competition

What's one way to adjust for teammates and competition? Find out inside.